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Mysterious home entrance :)

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As I was feeling bit thirsty and had whim to drink the sugarcane juice to quench my thirst. One of my student  was leaving the institute. I asked him to bring a juice for me. He got it for me , I thanked him and reminded him to bring fee tomorrow and he left. I picked the glass and poured the juice in the glass.  While savoring and sipping my Sugarcane juice I was watching outside from the glass of my institute. Suddenly I heard the chirping of  birds . There were many sparrows ( what we call galahar or guitars) . They all had the small nests in the holes which are under the Doraha bridge.  All the wall including the outer part of the holes are painted with the advertisements as you can see in picture.  One thing flabbergasted me is that there were around 8-10 holes and all the holes had baby sparrows inside them. Surprisingly , there was no house no or any other mark to recognize the particular holes. Nevertheless, those sparrows were bang on target and going to their respective homes. Might be they were hearing voice of their chicks or they had any other unique way around to guess the holes.

We consider ourselves as intelligent and sharp minded species on this earth. However, I think sometimes if we would have no house number, same kind of house structures at same distances. It would also be a herculean task for us to identify our houses. But these sparrow have some kind of  divine power or sharpness that they enter to their specific holes.. I was getting a feeling that I should go and catch the Sparrow (guitar) and ask her ”  Dear Guitar how come you can find your hole correctly ? ” But as it’s not feasible, so answer to this remains mystery for me.  I keep on wondering how they find their homes whenever I will see outside from my institute. Strange but true 🙂




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May 20, 2014 at 2:11 pm

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